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York Daily Record/Sunday News to don different, more contemporary dress, Part II

YDR-prototype-1AThis is a sneak peek at the York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News’ new look, called a redesign. Like? Or not? Feel free to comment below. Daily Record/Sunday News to don different, more contemporary dress, Part I.

So when we unveiled part of the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ redesign in August, not everyone agreed with the new look or organization of their newspaper.

Well, many did like it. The call/email volume against some of the changes was light.

But one caller dialed in a movie theme: “Dumb and Dumber.”

Actually, he amended it: “Dumb and Dumber and Dumbest.”

First, he argued, you don’t need to give Sudoku answers (that’s dumb).

But if you do, you should not run them that close to the puzzle (dumber).

And you don’t have to turn them sideways or upside down (dumbest).

Such was the loudest complaint I heard.


That August work was just a trial run compared to the phased-in change in the YDR’s look that readers will see starting next week.

Newspapers change their design from time to time to keep contemporary. Just like clothes or car styles, newspapers can look dated.

This time around, we had other motivators as well. We wanted our look to mirror other newspapers in our 75-newsroom Digital First Media group. That allows us to seamlessly share pages of content and give national advertisers pre-set slots to publish their content.

This national play gave us access to the work of national-caliber newspaper designers, specifically those with ties to the San Jose Mercury in California.

My Sudoku phone friend aside, I think you’ll like our new look.


Despite these enhancements, we know we will hear from some of you in the upcoming weeks. This is change – and we all know what some in York County think about that!

We appreciate that you care enough to speak out – and we have a spreadsheet prepared to find commonality in your concerns.

We listen and sometimes can find solutions.

Back to my Sudoku friend, as an example.

We swapped placement of two puzzles on the page to create more space between the daily Sudoku puzzle and its answers.

He noticed that adjustment, though it didn’t satisfy him. But he avoided the pronouncement of a fourth level of stupidity: Dumbest yet.

He said something that’s important in that call. He would remain a loyal, seven-day YDR subscriber.

Some things readers will like

– A more refreshing, more modern look. The content is more welcoming and uses airiness throughout the design to allow stories to breathe. It allows readers to more easily find what’s on the page. It helps editors more easily convey what is most important.

– More ways and chances for readers to engage or converse with our reporters and staff, to connect with the YDR and have their voices heard.

– Better direction for readers on the front page to stories and photographs inside.

– Improved integration between the newspaper and our websites, where more and more readers are turning for news. We’re looking to give readers what they need first, then make it clear where to go for a deeper experience on that subject.

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