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York County’s Vietnam Memorial: Getting ready for its 5-year anniversary

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Chapter 1032 Vietnam Veterans of America  is looking forward to its October ceremony for the fifth anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial.

Hard to believe. It’s been five years since the York County Vietnam Memorial went up at the York Expo Center. Here’s the Oct. 3, 2009, story on its public introduction to prove it: 2,000 witness unveiling of York County Vietnam Memorial.  In this photo, workers prepare the memorial for its fifth anniversary observance in October. Chapter 1032 Vietnam Veterans of America is planning the event at the memorial, the work of York County sculptor, Lorann Jacobs. This photo is among a slideshow of scenes from York County. Take a look at this YDR Media Center slideshow – and the accomplishments of York County people pictured, and you’ll gave a reaffirmation that the county is a productive, engaging place to live. Also of interest: York County’s Vietnam War deaths adjusted to reflect those in theater of war. But sacrifice is still immense.

Other neat stuff from all over … .

Lori Badders has been a columnist for the Weekly Record for more than two decades. And she frequently unearths events in and needs of York County’s communities.

In a recent column, she identifies that the Dallastown Historical Society is looking for photos for a picture book and the Stewartstown Historical Society is looking for photos and information on one- and two-room schools.

 Remember this?


Artist Cliff Satterthwaite emailed art of a different sort, a photo of a 1973 balloon event in Continental Square. He remembers it as a demonstration; he doesn’t recall it going up. Anyone else remember this moment? Please comment below.

Some more interesting columns: Columnists in the York Sunday News Viewpoints section regularly come up with pieces that intrigue and engage. This past Sunday, June Lloyd has such a column: Why Thaddeus Stevens came to Pennsylvania. So did Gordon Freiriech in: When a cemetery dies.

History mystery: Thousands of people engaged with this mystery photo. Feel free to share, like or comment.