York Town Square

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York County’s own Civil War – Part II

York County, strongly Democratic for years prior to the Civil War, experienced immense political conflicts during and after war broke out.
No where was the conflict stronger than in local churches, as evidenced by a scene from the day in which the invading rebels entered York prior to the Battle of Gettysburg.
An unnamed York church tried to meet despite the fact that Confederate Gen. John B. Gordon’s advance guard was entering town.
This comes from “East of Gettysburg” and is based on the writing of Mrs. L. M. Hartman:

The minister stood in the pulpit of a York church when a messenger approached.
The Confederates had arrived.
“The reverend man folded his arms upon the pulpit, bowed his head upon them, and wept,” Mrs. Hartman wrote.
The congregation proceeded to the church steps just as the Confederates marched by playing “Dixie.”
The people followed them to the square.

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