York Town Square

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York County villages bear memorable names

The village of Sticks is York County’s Podunk, but it’s not the only community in the county with a colorful name. (See previous post: “Vermont promotes Podunk, but York County has its Sticks.”)
Consider the following from “Never to be Forgotten:”
Some say Lucky in Chanceford Township comes from a rural mail carrier who claimed “you were lucky to get into it and lucky to get out.”
That’s an improvement over its previous name — Pond… .

The Springettsbury Township village of Glades sits in an open space in what was once a thick forest. That’s an improvement over its inelegant previous name – Detrop.
Castle Finn in Lower Chanceford Township comes from the village of Castle Finn in the Ulster Province of Ireland, hometown of an iron manufacturer. No castle ever existed, but an iron forge operated in Castle Finn, York County, for many years.