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York County USO sought to ease issues facing World War II boys coming home

This list, found in a York County (Pa.) USO’s newsletter on file at the York County Heritage Trust, provides a tongue-in-cheek account of services provided by hostesses at the Serviceman’s Club and Canteen at the old York County Academy during World War II. Also of interest: Old gym bears signs of USO past and USO column attracts WW II-era memories and Just try to resist this memory-tugging photograph of northwest York, Pa. and All World War II posts from the start..

Another in a short series ( Part I and Part II) about York County’s United Services Organization during World War II… .
In the fall of 1945, the USO in York welcomed the 100,000th man or woman in uniform to use its services.
Cletus Ruby of East Prospect picked up a certificate in recognition of this milestone.
The war was now over – V-J Day on Aug. 14 was the celebratory end – and the USO had adopted the new role in aiding the military in demobilization, redeployment and training of returning vets.
According to “In the Thick of the Fight:”

The organization distributed pamphlets to hostesses, wives, husbands, sweethearts, sisters, friends, and omothers to help them prepare for the return of military men and women.
The titles of pamphlets provided a glimpse of the post-war issues people were being prepared for: “Welcoming the Wounded?” “Nervousness in the Returned Serviceman?” “Understanding People in Wartime,” “Make the War Strengthen Your Marriage” and “When Your Man Comes Home.”

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