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York County not known for tornadoes. Then we got two in two weeks in 2011.

That’s the roof of York Textile draped across trees and over wires near the West Manchester Mall in West Manchester Township, Pa., the day after a tornado touched down in that area earlier this month. Meanwhile, Met-Ed workers tend to the power lines. (See additional York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photographs below.) Also of interest: A list of traumatic, painful incidents that rocked York County and Tropical Storm Agnes savaged York County with more than 15 inches of rain and What is the probability of another flood in York?

“Tornadoes uncommon/ York County is not known for twisters, but they have caused damage in the past.”
So said a headline on York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News reporter Teresa Ann Boeckel’s story (4/21/11).
That pretty well sums it up.

Then came another headline just today(4/29/11): “Twisters hit county, nation. York County: Tornado slams ski resort.”
Here are some numbers and facts that Teresa and other Daily Record reporters have turned up:

York County rank in tornadoes in recorded history: 5th in Pa.
Number: Range from 22 to 27.

Why is York County fifth?
More populated counties rank at the top. In rural areas, there are fewer people to record tornadoes.
Tornado season in Pa.: June and July.
Most common time of day: Between 4 & 6 p.m.
Last tornado to hit York County: In 2005, a tornado barely touched down in Dillsburg, not far from Thursday’s storm. It moved north into Cumberland County.
Last tornado to take away homes: In September 2001, a tornado swept through Penn and West Manheim townships, leaving dozens of people homeless.
First York County tornado on record: Shrewsbury to York Townships, April 1952. Property damage: $2.5 million. Four injured.
Another famous York County storm: A reported cyclone in 1896 blew down the Columbia-Wrightsville bridge.

What were the biggest years for tornadoes in the state?
The highest number of tornadoes documented in one year was 63 in 1999.

The storm blew down a billboard at Carlisle Road and Brougher Lane in West Manchester Township.
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