York Town Square

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Check out this list of York County records and record breakers, Part II

Workers construct the frame of York, Pa.’s,Sovereign Bank Stadium’s 38-foot left-field wall in 2007. The wall was designed to be the tallest left-field wall in Major League Baseball, rising higher than the Green Monster at Boston’s Fenway Park by a few inches. (See additional photo from York Daily Record/Sunday News archives below.) Also of interest: Before the York Revs came the Hanover Raiders and Big league baseball fans from everywhere remember Gene Crumling and York County sports a miniature Cooperstown.

Here are five more York County records, and record breakers, to go with this list of five, tied into the upcoming Great American Wine Toast… .

The wall, later named the Arch Nemesis, on its way up in 2007.
1. York County – New Freedom, in particular – served as the first stop north of the Mason-Dixon Line on the Northern Central Railway. So what? That was the first stop northern soil for many from the rural south, including many black families, who came here for factories jobs in the Industrial Revolution
2. In World War II, the York County received glowing international repute for fostering cooperation among its factories. The York Plan was recognized as an effective program in which industries shared manpower and machines to secure massive defense contracts.
3. The largest-sized shoe serving as a roadside attraction along Pennsylvania’s old Lincoln Highway, the Shoe House, stands in York County. The roadway was known for over-sized coffee pots, windmills and the like, moving Shoe Wizard Mahlon Haines to get into the act. The master promoter constructed the large shoe – 48 feet in length, 17 feet at its widest point and 25 feet in height, east of York.
4. The 38-foot-high left field wall at Sovereign Bank Stadium, the Arch Nemesis, stands a few inches taller than Fenway Park’s famed Green Monster.
5. The last undeveloped prisoner-of-war camp site from the American Revolution rests in Springettsbury Township, in search of a preservationist-buyer to preserve it from being gobbled by McMansions. People know it as Camp Security.