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York County elections, by the numbers


A voting machine is unloaded in West Manchester Township in 2005. York County voters cast tallies in these mechanical machines for decades. Now, they use a computerized machine. Background posts: York County historical community will miss Carl Hatch, York County straddled Mason-Dixon Line in Lincoln vote and Doris Kearns Goodwin gives tips to analyze presidential hopefuls.

Even numbers-impaired folks might enjoy the following stats from York County election history:


Computerized voting machines have relegated these mechanical models to scrapbooks.
Vote in 1796 presidential election, the first such national race: Thomas Jefferson, 141; John Adams, 3,222.
Vote in 2004 presidential election: George W. Bush, 114,270; Kerry, 63,701.
Current voter registration: Republican, 142,959; Democrat, 97,308.
Current known female Democratic registered voters: 37,137
Current known male Democratic registered voters: 28,348
Current known female Republican registered voters: 48,854.
Current known male Republican registered voters: 50,437.
Rank of York County Democratic registration, mid-state: 1
York County (No. 1) vs. Lancaster County (No. 2) Democratic registration (November 2007) : 94,986/81,476.
Percentage of vote for Abraham Lincoln, 1860: 43.
Percentage of vote for Lincoln, 1864: 37.
Years in recent history that York County changed from Democratic majority to Republican: 1980s.
Sources: York County Election Office; York Daily Record/Sunday News; G.A. Mellander’s and Carl E. Hatch’s “York County Presidential Elections.