York Town Square

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York County communities jointly observing Civil War past

York County is, indeed, changing.
Notice all the Civil War activities planned for the June 23-25 weekend at www.patriotdays.net.
Consider these advancements:
First, a lot of these activities center around the city of York. This is the third year for this observance of Civil War events in and around York.
For decades, the Civil War was not high on local civic promotional agendas, in part, because of a simmering controversy that started after York surrendered to the Confederates in the days before the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863… .

Second, notice that the Web site ties together Civil War events in Hanover, Wrightsville and York. This joint promotional effort is intentional in contrast to past years when the three towns, by intention or oversight, did not work together in promoting Civil War events.
This is change for the better.