York Town Square

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York County census hike spawns more lawyers

Indian Steps, now a museum, was for years the home of lawyer Edward Vandersloot and a favorite gathering spot for York County Bar members. This York County Heritage Trust photograph was taken on June 4, 1915.

York City showed an uptick in population for the first time in years, according to 2006 census stats.
I surveyed what such stats have meant for the city since 1880 in a York Sunday News column <a href=”http://www.ydr.com/historicalperspective/ci_6324853.”>’Projects bring hope for population growth’.

But one thing population growth has meant is an increase in lawyers. Or maybe the increase in population has meant more crime, which means more lawyers. Or maybe more population means more potential litigants, which means more lawyers.

Anyway, Georg Sheets’ “Lawyers and Leaders” provides an interesting glimpse of the York County attorney population ratio from 1950 to 2000.

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1950: 106 attorneys; 202,727 population; 1 to 1912 ratio.
2000: 541 attorneys, 381,751 population; 1 to 672 ratio.
At this rate, when will construction begin on judicial center No. 5 ?