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York County canneries: After you picked the fruit, here’s where it ended up

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This cannery is identified as the New Park Canning House, operated by Louis P. Colgan in the 1920s. York County, Pa., had many such businesses, and some operate today. It was southern York County’s bountiful agricultural products, vast orchards and large canneries that prompted the U.S. to send German prisoners-of-war to that region in World War II. The Stewartstown Historical Society is looking for information on southern York County canning houses for an upcoming program. The society is seeking stories from those who worked in the canneries or who had relatives who did; also, photographs, advertisements and business records for canneries in the southern tier of the county. If you have information, contact: stewhist@yahoo.com or call 993-5003. Also of interest: Story revives memories of oft-forgotten Stewartstown POW camp and From garden to can, New Freedom mural tells the story.

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Some wonder why we have Martin’s and Utz and all those snack food makers?

In part, it was because York County not only had its orchards (see above) but was the land of the potatoes, as June Lloyd writes in: ‘When potatoes ruled … .’

Peter DeBarth’s house
A recent tour of this deteriorating house at 3103 East Market Street in York started a discussion. Did Marquis de Lafayette visit his fellow Frenchman Peter DeBarth here in the nobleman’s 1825 visit to York? Yorkblogger Stephen H. Smith looked into that question. Find out his conclusion at YorksPast and also a discussion about the condition of the deteriorating structure.

Church reaches century mark: St. John Lutheran Church in Mount Wolf has 100 candles on its birthday cake this year. Check out how the congregation is celebrating its centennial.


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Hinkey in Philly?

hhI’ve known for years about York countian Hinkey Haines, an athlete on the national stage. (Seen here with teammate Babe Ruth). But I never knew about his later years when he lived and worked in Philadelphia. Gordon Freireich provided this enlightening story: Hinkey Haines.

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