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Kiwanis Lake: York countians have stayed at home there for decades

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Kiwanis Lake, scene of York, Pa., Labor Day observances today, is seen in 1952. The island is now landscaped with trees and a miniature Statue of Liberty. Labor Day observances have been going on for years. ‘Greater York in Action,’ a York Chamber of Commerce book said in 1968: ‘Kiwanis Lake is on the Northern end of Farquhar Park and is the scene of numerous summer activities. Weekly band concerts are held in the lake area all summer long. Many city sponsored special events take place by the lake and the annual Labor Day “stay-at-home” event is held at Kiwanis Lake, co-sponsored by the York Boys Club and the York County Labor Council.’ Also of interest: The Little Courthouse, fixture at Farquhar Park/Kiwanis Lake and now almost forgotten, still stands tall.


In 1952, as today, Farquhar Park looms in the background. The 2013 Labor Day parade starts at Small’s Field and ends at Kiwanis Lake, where there is a host of activities, including fireworks.

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Readers share memories of school days gone by, particularly their favorite topic – one-room schools.

This one-room school has a bright future:

 Northwest Triangle: Things are moving ahead in this major redevelopment area of York, abutting the stadium area. Even a movie theater is planned with two screens.

History mystery quiz: The Little Courthouse overlooked Labor Day activities at Kiwanis Lake for decades. Those stay-at-home activities are on today, but the courthouse miniature is gone from its longtime spot and overlooks other activities in York County. Where is it today? (Answer is here).


*Kiwanis Lake photos originally were taken for The Gazette & Daily, now courtesy of the York County Heritage Trust