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Roadside Giant, York Barbell man: He’s not going anywhere over the long term

The Barbell Man at York Barbell is back from rehab and hoisted to it normal rotating perch greeting motorists along 83. This York Daily Record/Sunday News video shows his ride to his stand atop York Barbell. Also of interest: All York Barbell posts from the start and Obscure F.O.E. building to become colorful beacon of York, Pa.’s renaissance and Who were most prominent 20th-century sports heroes in York and Adams counties?

The York Barbell Man is one of York County’s most memorable landmarks.
But he’s been a bit long of tooth recently.
The man was removed recently for repairs after he began coming apart at a seam around his lower torso, specifically around the seat of his pants.
He was rewired and hoisted back in place.
Here are some specifics about the statue:

Height: 13 feet.
Weight: 1,000 pounds.
Modeled after: Famed weightlifter Norbert Schemansky.
Past problems: Wind disabled motor that rotates statue. Lights illuminating the statue went out.
Made of: Fiberglass.
Status: He’s not going anywhere over the long term per wishes of company founder Bob Hoffman. “He wanted people to know exactly where his company is,” a company spokesman said.
Company history: York Barbell
Source: York Daily Record/Sunday News.

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