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Remember this: New Salem is the borough. York New Salem, the post office

Marlin Barshinger posted this photo, owned by J.B. Fishel’s Bakery, on the reader submitted Your Photos section of ydr.com. The collectible points to the fascination many York countians hold to the hobby of finding old bottles. Former privies – outhouses – provide a prime source for such discoveries.

Notice also the use of the address for Jay-Bee Farms – York New Salem. York New Salem, of course, is the name for the post office for New Salem borough. York County has had a borough called New Salem since 1876, although, like Jay-Bee, everyone calls it York New Salem.

New Salem borough also has had another identity crisis: As late as 1950, a local publication referred to it as Neffstown, Nesstown or Nacetown, according to ‘Gazetteer of York and Adams.’ 


Yes, the official name of York New Salem is New Salem borough. York New Salem is the post officeAlso of interest: York County, Pa., outhouse rules: From honey dippers to privy diggers and Bottle & jug enthusiasts must dig for their York County gold and York New Salem resident: ‘I told you I was a little nutty.’

More neat stuff from all over … .

The story was about a minor brush fire on Quarry Road in Peach Bottom Township.

It was in the area of Slateville Road and Guppy Valley.

Guppy Valley?

The bible for such things, our previously -cited “Gazetteer of York and Adams Counties,” doesn’t list Guppy Valley.

Anyone know how that name came about?

Remember Jacque? World War II vet Jacque Meeker,  known to many in York County including readers of this blog, has died. One of his great moments was meeting York native Jacob Loucks Devers in Europe. Here’s his story as told in the yorktownsquare.com blog post: About York, Pa.’s Gen. Jacob Devers: ‘He would have been thrilled to meet the lt. of the first POW camp he had freed’.

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