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Wrightsville’s hidden kilns: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – July 19, 2010

York Township’s Dianne Bowders submitted this photograph, and a closer view below, of ‘Wrightsville’s hidden lime kilns.’ “Most people see the kilns on Front Street, but miss seeing the kilns on Waterworks Lane,” she wrote. The Front Street kilns recently were certified as a heritage site. Also of interest: Dritt Mansion, 4 other York County historic places tagged as authentic heritage sites and Wrightsville’s overlooked attractions and Native Americans help clean up Dritt family cemetery in new York County park.

Neat stuff from all over…
Terrence Downs, who York Town Square readers know is writing a series about J. Horace Rudy’s stained-glass windows at First Moravian Church, has a sense of loss after learning of water damage to the William C. Goodridge House.
That residence of the former slaver was damaged after its partial restoration as it’s being transformed into an Underground Railroad museum.
That sense of loss comes first hand… .

Terry worked on the facade as a project manager for the architect and later worked for Crispus Attucks Association, owner of the property.
“Agree something needs to be done … ,” he wrote.
Seeking information, I: An e-mailer queried about one of the most visible buildings in York County:

“When ever I return home on Route 23 in Lancaster County, I look across the river and high on the mountain, I see a large white building. It looks as if it might be a hotel or a resort. Do you have any knowledge of it, and what its history might be?”

Some students of York County say that house, called “Roundtop,” was built by an attorney, a member of the Laucks family. It’s still a private residence.
Seeking information, II: Commentor Jim Tracey queried via a comment on the blog post: The 1950s, ’60s: ‘The greatest time to grow up in York, Pa.’.

I saw your post and wonder if you have any information of the restaurant/bar name (maybe called Sal’s – Italian food) and owner’s name that was in the same block and side of the Farmers Market on Penn Street. This restaurant would be walking east from the Farmers Market between Penn and Newberry Street. My mother is 90 and knew the owner and ate there but has forgotten everything. If you do not know of this restaurant, where do you suggest I look?

I’d suggest going to the York County Heritage Trust archives and access some city directories. The trust’s collection of these annual street-by-street, door-by-door guides go back to the 1800s.
Event of the week: Yorkblogger Scott Mingus, over at Cannonball, tells about July’s Civil War Roundtable topic: John A. Weakley, Hospital Steward, 87th PA Volunteer Infantry to speak at York CWRT.
Blog post of the week: Universal York’s June Lloyd blogged on: York County Native Develops Bent Fello.
Forum of the week, The Exchange: The thread growing from a question, The Quickest Route to Hershey, is bringing out some interesting local highway information.

Unsung lime kilns in eastern York County.