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World War II in York County, by the numbers


Scattered throughout the 25-acre http://www.ordmusfound.org U.S. Army Ordnance Museum in Aberdeen, Md., are howitzers, tanks and guns, like this 8-inch gun. A plaque under the gun tells about the 243rd field artillery battalion, which used the weapon in World War II. The museum is located just a short drive from York County’s southern border. Background posts: Gurgling all the way from Texas to New Jersey and York/Adams residents contributed to the war.

With Pearl Harbor’s anniversary just observed, it’s a good time to recount York County’s contributions to World War II.
Here is a listing, by the numbers:

Edward and Arlene Williams of Delta join their son Keith and grandson Ryan Williams of Lititz during a tour of the US Army Ordnance Museum. Williams worked at Aberdeen Proving Ground for more than 30 years.

Estimated number of men and women who served: 20,000.
Portion of York County’s population: 1 in 9.
Number who died in uniform: More than 570.
Approximate number from Red Lion who died: 32.
Number from Red Lion’s St. Paul’s Evangelical Church who died: 11.
Approximate number from St. Matthew Lutheran Church, West Market Street, York, to serve: 250.
Approximate number from St. Matthew who died in uniform: 9.
Number of YMCA members who died: 25.
Number of York Corporation employees who died: 25.
Approximate number of Hanover residents who died: More than 40.

An interesting comparison point. The number of men in uniform with direct or indirect York/Adams links to die in the 21st-century War on Terror is about 25.
Source: “In the thick of the fight”.