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The name of Wills again connected with Abraham Lincoln: Linked in with neat York County history stuff, May 9, 2012

Also below: Microfilm this/World War II Museum/Rudy Park

This video tells the story of a Hellam Township collector who believe he’s found an authentic painting of Abraham Lincoln. The jury is still out on it, but John Wills believes he’s got the real thing. Wouldn’t that be neat? Abraham Lincoln stayed in David Wills’ House in the night before delivering his Gettysburg Address. And another Will – John Wills – finds a rare painting of the prez. You can’t make that up. Read more: Painting on eBay.Also of interest: · Steven Spielberg scouts Gettysburg for Abe Lincoln film: ‘Thank you for keeping our history’ and · Check out all these stories about Abraham Lincoln’s visits to York County.

Neat stuff from all over… .

A researcher has found a photograph on microfilm that is dark – too dark.

She was seeking to resurrect the dark photo by using Photoshop or some other tool.

“If so, it is so sad as the one man in the photo immigrated from Switzerland and is shown with his four generations of descendants,” she wrote. “I can’t call the people in the photo as all are deceased.  Am I backed into a corner with finding this family treasure?”

Brad Jennings, a YDR/YSN photo guru, wrote her back:

“I’m sorry to say I am not aware of a way to help you improve the image you found. We no longer have the negative of that photo, and using Photoshop on an image from microfilm wouldn’t be able to bring out the details of the photo as you’d hoped.”

I suggested that she check out the family file at the York County Heritage Trust in case a clipping of the microfilmed article was placed in there over the years.

WWII aircaft exhibit in works:
Luther Sowers, longtime student of York County history and beyond, is a charter member of the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

The World War II veteran of the U.S. Navy passed on information from the museum as well as an upcoming exhibit at the New Orleans landmark.

“The National World War II Museum offers a powerful tribute to those who served, whether in battle or on the home front. It’s also a wonderful setting where the story of these Americans’ triumphs passed on to future generations… .

‘The ‘US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center’ will open this fall and will feature restored WWII aircraft as well as a comprehensive interactive overview of the roles of the six branches of the military.”

The museum also has a wide range of photographs and other World War II content at its website.

Just try to resist: This Weekly Record photograph Master Gardeners’ pollinator garden will compel you to visit John Rudy Park, near Central High School. A beautiful stone house … .

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Forum of the day, I: A York citizen is using floating fire pits will help get people down to the Codorus Creek: http://bitly.com/KLIc10. Do you think the Codorus Creek in the York area has potential as a recreational site? Please comment below. (One hundred years ago, people swam in the Codorus.)

Forum of the day, II: As you would suspect, people are commenting in droves on the question over at ydr.com: Pro/con debate: Should the Second Amendment be repealed?