York Town Square

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Conewago Creek tower: What’s with this odd-looking structure? Linked in with neat York County history stuff – Sept. 3, 2011

This tower rises from a farm near the Pickets – the beautiful Detters Mill area of Washington/Warrington Township area in western York county.  Any ideas of what it is used for? It’s a strange-looking silo. Is this for drying hops, for flavoring beer? Comment below if you know. The scene reminds one of a European countryside. Also of interest: Does Washington Township’s ‘The Pickets’ link with Civil War?

Neat stuff from all over … .

The Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Region’s new website deserves a test spin.

It features professionally captured, large horizontal scenes from the Susquehanna River, the focus of the Long Level-based organization.

They’ll make you want to go down to the river right now, even if it is gray out there.

Check out its schedule of events, including a well-conceived speaker’s program that includes:

Sept. 14: “Massacre of the Conestogas:” In December 1763, the Paxton Boys killed 20 peaceful Conestoga Indians living under government protection in southern Lancaster County. This brutal elimination of an entire tribe was just the beginning of the crime. A larger group of Paxton raiders soon marched on Philadelphia and threatened more Indians there. Turned back by Pennsylvania’s government, they returned to a largely supportive public in Lancaster County. Lancaster’s magistrates and ministers, who had encouraged and enabled the Indian killers, refused to apprehend them or bring them to trial. Later, apologists for the Paxton Boys deliberately distorted the historical record. Jack Brubaker, an award-winning investigative reporter for Lancaster Newspapers, will relate the chilling but compelling inside story of how the Paxton Boys got away with murder.”

Oct 12: “Ice farming on the Susquehanna: “What did our forefathers do before the days of electricity? How did they keep milk cold? Turn back the clocks to the 18th and 19th century and experience the days of ice farming on the Susquehanna River. Retired teacher Lynn Smoker researches and collects the tools and implements used in ice farming.”

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*Photo courtesy Robert McClure