York Town Square

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What if you were on the wrong end of 6,000 well-aimed Confederate rifles?

Reminder that this upcoming weekend marks perhaps the most aggressive York-area celebration of the Civil War since the Confederate invasion of York County on June 28, 1863.
Jubal Early’s rebels left York on June 30 and made it to Gettysburg for the first day of fighting there. Early’s division of more than 6,000 gradclads operated in and east of the town of Gettysburg fronting Cemetery Hill.
Two stories to view before heading to weekend festivities:

“Farmhouse story a rich tale from county’s past” tells about the York-area struggle with the town’s fathers’ decision to surrender to the Confederates. York became the largest town north of the Mason-Dixon Line to surrender to the rebels.
“Framing the debate: Surrender or not?” This story discusses the controversial decision.
If you were a resident of York in late June 1863, would you have favored surrender or some other action? Please post your view.