York Town Square

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Collector searching for Western Maryland Railroad memorabilia

The Western Maryland Railroad ‘Head House’ is part of redevelopment plans in the Northwest Triangle of York. The 1,600-square-foot building maybe transformed into commercial or retail space. (See additional photo below.) Background posts: Blue caboose in Red Lion? ‘Yes sir – it’s gonna be red’ and Mystery of Glen Rock-area’s Narrow Gauge Road deepens and Northern York area strawberry part of Neapolitan county.

Three railroads met in York in its 20th-century industrial heyday – the predecessors, successors and extensions of the Northern Central, Ma & Pa and Western Maryland railroads.
Despite that, York was never viewed primarily as a railroad town in the mold of, say, Altoona or Enola. That’s probably because it was not located on the mainline of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
That said, the Northern Central Railroad with its direct ties to Baltimore and Harrisburg was pretty darn important… .

Workers demolish part of the structure behind the Western Maryland Railroad ‘Head House’ on North George Street on in October 2007.
Consider that a dozen or more U.S. presidents who used the line or Union Civil War planners who deployed the line to transport troops to Southern battlefields.
The Western Maryland Railroad is perhaps the least storied of the three, despite the fact that it’s the only one still in operation in the York area.
Charlie Pyles, cpyles@airpixphoto.com, is looking for readers to share information, including photos, of the Western Maryland:
“I have a project started that revolves around the Elkins Yard down in Elkins, WV, but I’m seeking unpublished photos of Western Maryland trains and stories with photos of WM people. All material will be scanned or photographed and promptly returned to the donor in the same condition received. Any material are intended to be used on the web site http://www.shakylake.com/wmrr.htm. The purpose of the project is to keep the memory of the WM alive for future generations.
Pyles’ contact information: 238 Misty Cove Way, Cold Spring, KY 41076-8513. Phone calls are welcome 859-442-7334.