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What’s the value of this York, Pa.,-made Weaver Piano?

This York, Pa., made Weaver piano is possibly for sale, and its owner is looking for information about it. Interesting, this Weaver Organ & Piano product was made in the Great Depression, when demand for such musical instruments was not high. World War II helped the company – whose empty building stands today on North Broad Street – because the military ordered olive-drab colored pianos for officers clubs and other such uses. Notice the fine wood work above the keyboard.

A Weaver Piano has been in Karin Bagnall’s western New York state family for years.

She’s exploring the possibility of selling it and is looking for information about the instrument.

She emailed:

“The piano in question is a Weaver piano (see attached photos), the serial number is 77940 (found on the sounding board and the back of the piano); the Antique Piano Shop gave me a date of 1936 for it based on the serial number.”As you can see, the exterior of the piano is in excellent condition and the two church musicians that have viewed it believe the sounding board is also in good condition.

“I’m curious to know the value of the piano and if you have any recommendations for selling it.”

Karin needs to sell the instrument because of a pending move.

I emailed her back that the instrument certainly has value and she could call Daniel B. Meckley III, whose father served as general manager at Weaver when the piano was made. (He’s in the phone book.) She can also query the York County Heritage Trust archives.

If you can help Karin, comment below or email her.

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