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First York visiting nurse made rounds on bicycle

This is the cover of a Visiting Nurse Association history put forth by VNA Home Health, Wellspan. The booklet includes a history and numerous photos of VNA’s 100 years of operation. Background posts: York’s Wonder Women: The stories of four more movers and shakers, Prostitution in York busted during World War II and York County WWII nurse: ‘You know, it was the biggest war ever, and they needed nurses’.

“York’s first visiting nurse makes house calls on a bicycle, her skirt undoubtedly flapping in the wind.”
That’s how I started my entry for 1908 in “Never to be Forgotten” on the Visiting Nurse Association, an organization started to address the health needs of the poor in York.
Now, parent Wellspan has published a booklet in connection with the 100th anniversary of this ride. The book contains historical facts about VNA and is loaded with photos.

Anna Huber, longtime president of Visiting Nurse Association, in a photo from VNA’s anniversary booklet. For details on the booklet, call: 717-851-2424.
Here’s how I finished the explanation about the VNA in “Never to be Forgotten:”

“These nurses to the poor find other conveyances in the busy years after Anna Huber of York organizes the Visiting Nurse Association in 1910. The association’s goal is to help the poor suffering from chronic illnesses and later expands its services to teach nutrition, establish a dental clinic and provide school nurses. In the 50-year period before 1968, visiting nurses assist in about 20,000 births. Huber retires after 48 years of service in 1956.”

In addition to aiding the poor, VNA also provided work for female nurses and health workers and volunteer opportunities for other women – not common in professional circles around York for decades in the 20th century.
Other achieving women from York’s past

Edith Barber.
Katharine Beecher.
Delma Rivera.
Eleanor Johnson.
Mattie Chapman.