York Town Square

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No Vietnam War monument exists, but York County vets group is fixing that

Rickey Cox shows a model of a planned memorial to honor Vietnam War veterans at a York Revolution game in 2007. Dallastown sculptor Lorann Jacobs designed the model and is shaping the monument. Update: See the completed monument, at the York Expo Center, in 2009: Vietnam War memorial. Background posts: Of local Jewish WW II group: ‘It’s a skeleton post. I’m it.’, War memorials stand proudly in towns throughout York County, and Wrightville’s overlooked attractions.

York County’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee is looking for a few good men – and women.
While fund raising for a Vietnam Memorial at the York Expo Center continues, the committee is putting forth plans to unveil the statue.
Committee members are looking for vets from the Vietnam War-era – circa 1962-1975 – to extend invitations to the unveiling ceremony… .

That date is not yet determined.
Vietnam vets can call 717-771-9218. Meanwhile, those wishing to donate funds can call that number or write to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, c/o Veterans Affairs Office, 100 West Market Street, York, Pa. 17401.
An American Revolution monument (Lafayette’s toast to George Washington) stands beside York’s West Market Street. York County has Civil War (Penn Park), World War II (Continental Square) and Korean War (along rail trail near West Market Street) monuments. One town – Jefferson – has a World War I monument at its center.
But Vietnam reminders are rare, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee fortunately is seeking to fix that. And the group is looking for those who served in that unpopular war to pay receive their due honors.