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Meditate on these names of brave York countians who paid ultimate price in Vietnam War

The proposed Vietnam Veterans Monument, to honor those who died in the Vietnam War, will be located in the left angle of the triangular parcel where the carnival is located in this photograph at the York Expo Center. The rest of the land in the triangle will be developed into a park, according to a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee spokesman. (See list of known York countians who died in the war below.) Background posts: Map aficionados will love bird’s-eye view of York County and Vietnam vets wall moves York countians

The proposed monument planned at the York Expo Center to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Vietnam War is well-deserved and much overdue.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee’s painstaking efforts to gather all the names of those who died for inscription on the upright granite part of the monument have spawned another benefit.
Their work is effectively calling individual attention to those who served – and died… .

Pictured with the memorial model are, from left, committee chairman Rickey Cox, designer Lorann Jacobs and Joint Veterans Council commander Ronald Herman. See related post: York County historical war deaths top 1,000.
Write down their names.
It’s important to recognize the sacrifice of each military veteran – and it’s important to get their names right. Committee members are now in the fact-checking stage.
The committee is nearing the end of fundraising efforts for the monument, set to be dedicated on Oct. 3 at the York Expo Center.
So, please read the list below carefully to make sure it’s right and complete.
But more importantly, meditate on the names of each of these veterans who gave their lives for America.
This listing details all known York County residents who died in the war or are listed as prisoners of war and missing in action.
The committee has asked readers who propose additions to this list or who have spotted a misspelled name to contact Tony Stabile, 792-9107.

— Walter L. Albright, York; John S. Almoney, York; Rodney E. Althoff, York; John H. Anderson Jr., Wellsville.
— Jeffrey R. Beardsley, York; H. Austin Beaverson Jr., York; Joseph R. Beck Jr., York; Rodney E. Beck, Manchester; William D. Bell, Seven Valleys; Martin E. Bixler, Glen Rock; Thomas R. Bliss, York; Joseph M. Bowman, York; David E. Boyer, Hellam; Eckhard G. Brenker, York; Richard E. Brenneman, Dover; Emmett R. Brown, North Hills; James B. Brown, York; Robert E. Bubb, York; Bernard J. Burns Jr., York; Frank K. Bush, York; Robert K. Buss, York; William G. Butler Jr., Peach Bottom.
— David J. Combs, York; Ronald C. Conley, Etters; Edward J. Corcoran, North Hills; Guy B. Creep Jr., York; James J. Criswell, Red Lion; Gary L. Crone, York.
— John W. Dahr, Dillsburg; James A. Daugherty, York; Richard L. Davis, Red Lion; Wendell L. Day, York; Terry E. Diffenderfer, York; John M. Dudley, Glen Rock.
— Barry L. Eichelberger, Lewisberry.
— Duane K. Fisher, York; Roger L. Fraker, Hellam; William A. Frey, York; James M. Fuhrman, York; Fred S. Fullerton Jr., York.
— Robert A. Gamber, York; Robert M. Gibbs, York; John B. Gingery, Lewisberry; Donald R. Gise, Spring Grove; Larry E. Gladfelter, Glen Rock; William A. Gleixner, Andersontown.
— Charlotte J. Hall, Spring Grove; Roy A. Harbaugh Jr., Hanover; William E. Heilman, York; Ricky B. Henry, York; Robert C. Herman, York; Kenneth A. Hofe, Hanover; Kenneth L. Holder, Mount Wolf.
— Paul H. Jackson Jr., Manchester; Robert N. Jones, Delta.
— Lester S. Kinard, Seven Valleys; Barry E. Kincaid, York; Daniel M. Knight Jr., York.
— Donald E. Laird, Dover; Michael A. Lauchman, Menges Mill; Lloyd C. Laugerman, Hanover; Paul A. Lecrone, Hanover; Lee F. Lynch, Hanover.
— Allan V. Merrifield, York; Jeffrey H. Miller, Hanover; Larry Miller, York; Lonny L. Mitzel, Red Lion; George L. Mummert, Hanover; G. Edward Myers, Spring Grove.
— Gary P. Neiman, York; Lester M. Ness, York.
— Edwin J. Olmeda, York.
— Calvin C. Rice Jr., York; Jeffery A. Richardson, Red Lion; Dennis L. Riley, Hanover; Marshall L. Ritz, Delta; David B. Rodman, Hanover; John M. Rouscher, Manchester.
— James C. Sager, Hanover; Larry G. Sandnes, New Cumberland; Thomas E. Sauble, York; Randy S. Schell, Mount Wolf; Gary L. Shank, Spring Grove; Leslie F. Shenk, Holtwood; Rex Marcel Sherman, York; William H. Shireman, York; Charles E. Smeltzer III, York; Barry L. Smith, York; Harry C. Smith, York; Austin J. Snyder Jr., Red Lion; Stanley E. Spangler Jr., York; Dennis A. Sprenkle, York; Jay T. States, York; Charles T. Steiner, Delta; Kenneth A. Stewart, Delta.
— James D. Talley Jr., York; Terry L. Taylor, York; Tyrone G. Thoman, Seven Valleys; Charles M. Thompson, New Freedom.
— Ralph N. Unger, York.
— Richard A. Wallick, York; Edgar W. Weitkamp Jr., York; John L. Wilhelm, East Berlin; William L. Young Jr., York.

Buy an inscribed brick?
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee is offering the opportunity for amy veteran, family member or friend to request a brick in honor or memory of a Vietnam War veteran to be placed as part of the memorial. If interested, contact Tony Stabile at 792-9107. Further, individual donations may be mailed to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund at the York County Department of Veterans Affairs, 100 W. Market St., York 17401.