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Reworking the working list of U.S. presidential visits to York and Adams counties

James Hayney, portraying President Abraham Lincoln, gives a speech at the Hanover Junction Train Station in 2008 as part of the remembrance of Lincoln’s passing through on his way to and from Gettysburg. Background posts: Jefferson borough’s Center Square in the middle of history and Abe Lincoln stopped at Hanover station:”We want to preserve history … so it doesn’t disappear’ and John Adams: ‘Yesterday the greatest question was decided’.

I’ve labeled the post: “This working list details presidential visits to York and Adams counties” and you can get to it by clicking presidential visits.
Working list is right.
I keep finding times when U.S. presidents or candidates stopped or passed through York County. (And many of their visits were, well, eventful in a quirky way.)
So I’ve reworked the working list… .

The peg to do this comes in preparation for a speech I’ve scheduled to give this month to the Codorus Valley Area Historical Society.
I’ll be giving that illustrated talk – about the visits to York County by more than 20 U.S. presidents – around York County in the months ahead.
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