York Town Square

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Can you identify this mystery school, believed to be in York County?

Notice the stained glass window in this photo of what is believed to be a one-room school. Perhaps that will aid in the identity of this unknown school. Background posts: No church/school conflict here: Manchester church to shore up deteriorating school, Reader identifies mystery building, Two tales of four schools teach about change in York County education.

Tammy Naylor of Yoe submitted this photo for publication in the soon-to-be-released York Daily Record/Sunday News’ book on one-room schools.
Trouble is, she found it in a book she acquired at a yard sale, and she can’t identify the school… .

The back of the picture gives credit to York’s Shadle Studio, 58 S. Beaver St. The boy at the blackboard is Andy.
The photo will appear in the book. Perhaps a reader will identify the location. But York Town Square readers can get the identity first.
If you recognize the school, comment below.
The hardcover “All In One Room” will explore the memorable one-room schools spread throughout York County until mid-20th century. The $34.95 book will contain class photos, photos of the schools themselves and memories of those who attended these small schools. For details, call 767-6397 or visit http://www.ydr.com/schoolhouses.