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‘Tweeting’ helps disseminate neat stuff on the regional, York County history front

Scott Blanchard, Sunday editor at the York Daily Record/Sunday News, e-mailed me this week that someone was “tweeting” from a Civil War conference in Gettysburg.
(S)ome interesting stuff on there,” he wrote.
I checked out the link he sent and found that Blue Ridge Country magazine editor Cara Ellen Modisett was posting on Twitter impressions from the “Panel discussion at the Journey Through Hallowed Ground’s Annual Conference.”
You can see her ‘tweets’ at http://twitter.com/BRCeditor (you might have to go to second or third page). She even provided a twitpic on the panelists at http://twitpic.com/ajqsm.
It’s an example of how technology is helping disseminate neat stuff on the history front… .

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