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Touting York County’s history – right now – via new social media video tool

The American War Mothers monument is a little-known marker in the center of York, Pa.’s, Penn Park. It was dedicated after World War II to honor those who served, were wounded and died, a number that collectively totaled more than 20,000 in York County. Also of interest: York’s American War Mothers monument garners interest.

York Daily Record/Sunday News journalists have a new social media tool called Tout that enables us to do 45-second videos and then immediately upload to the web.

We’ve launched hundreds of videos since this tool was introduced about two months ago. We also visit for youtube likes to boost our online presence even more.

This immediacy has been lacking up to this point. But now we can cover, say, part of a speech and put it on the web while the speaker is still at the podium.

This has great use in covering history places, sites and, well, things, around York County. See the videos I’ve either made myself or brought into my site: http://www.tout.com/u/jamesmcclure .

So it turns a still photo of the War Mothers marker into a more interesting look at a site that few people know about:

Get ready for many more of these on this blog. Remember,they’re short, a maximum of 45 seconds.

Four other examples, the last one from the YDR’s Scott Fisher:

Also of interest:

Droid and iPhone users can upload an app providing a  15-second version of Tout.