York Town Square

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Top York Town Square blog posts: Check out this best-hit list in September 2015


Stories and photos about the Lafayette Club, for years the bastion of York’s elite, are always popular with readers. It’s their opportunity to see inside this mansion, a men’s-only place for much of its long history that ended in 2012. Last month, news that York College of Pennsylvania had acquired the old mansion to use as a Center for Community Engagement brought the former club back into the news. And it scored 10th on the most-viewed list on YorkTownSquare.com in September. Also of interest: Most popular York Town Square blog posts: Check out this top 10 list in August 2015.

Check out the rest of the Top 10 list – and more Lafayette Club photographs from YDR’s archives – below … .


An often-overlooked plaque on the club, devoted to an often-overlooked war around York County – World War I.

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Several years ago, then-President John Bailey led a tour to the cupola atop the Lafayette Club. Here’s the bird’s-eye view of the city at East Market and Duke streets.
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Before it became the Lafayette Club, the building was best-known as the home of P.A. Small of P.A. & S. Small fame – leading businessmen for much the the 19th century in York, Pa.