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Zachary Witman, accused of killing his brother, carries documentation for his defense into the York County (Pa.) Courthouse in 2003. He was convicted but legal proceedings concerning his case continue in county and appellate courts. A post that includes information on the Witman case, was the most accessed single post on Yorktownsquare.com blog in 2009. Also of interest: Major York County historical moments through the centuries and York County’s top 10 news stories in 2006 and Who were most prominent 20th-century sports heroes in York and Adams counties?

Viewers of this blog, Yorktownsquare.com, have seen recent posts on the top news stories from 2009 and the past decade, 2000-2009.
But what posts have been the favorites of Yorktownsquare.com viewers in the past year?
You can view the following list and, if interested, click on the links to see those making up the top 10 (after, of course, the Yorktownsquare.com home page which received the most):

1. Witman murder among York County’s most notorious crimes
2. Availability of microfilm an oft-posed question
3. A list of traumatic, painful incidents that rocked York County
4. Hanover’s Gitt Mansion: ‘You can look down and see the town laid down before you’
5. ‘Ruh-row, Raggy’: Gettysburg ghost hunters find no trespassing signs
6. Jackson Township, Arm & Hammer’s new home, again in the middle of things
7. Black soldiers from York County served in ‘Glory’ unit – Part II
8. World War II propaganda posters raised spirits, women’s wrath
9. Piece of John Wilkes Booth’s body to be shown in Philly
10. York County, Pa., has tie to fugitive director Roman Polanski’s persistently newsworthy case

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