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Check out these top York County news stories of decade, 2000-2009

A machete-wielding madman attacked teachers and students in a Red Lion Area School District in 2001. Three years later, a student shot Red Lion Area Junior High School principal Eugene Segro. Those violent acts brought York County’s schools into the series of attacks in schools across the nation. Here, a memorial sits outside the junior high school in 2004. Also of interest: Check out this list of York County top news stories in 2009 and Major York County historical moments through the centuries and York County’s top 10 news stories in 2006 and Who were most prominent 20th-century sports heroes in York and Adams counties?

York Daily Record/Sunday News reporter Teresa Boeckel did a thoughtful, thorough job in her recent compilation of many of the big news events from the first decade of the 20th century.
It helped that this veteran reporter and Northeastern High School graduate covered most of these events, in full or in part.
Viewers can get the full details from Teresa’s reporting at A decade in local news: The highs and lows of York County.
Here are the topics in her report of a decade that came of the heels of York County’s hopeful 250th anniversary celebration in 1999 and started with the tensions of the so-called millennium bug, Y2K: … .

In one of the decade’s top stories, the state of Pennsylvania sent 44-months softening the elbow bend at Dead Man’s Curve in York Township.

– The York Race Riots trials convened and concluded, bringing a degree of community closure to the deadly 1969 riots.
– Red Lion Area School District suffered a machete attack, shooting.
– People with ties to York County died in Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
Ray Krone was exonerated in a Phoenix bite-mark case.
Zachary Witman was convicted in the slaying of his brother.
– Debate raged over condemning Lauxmont Farms for parkland use.
– The world looked on as justice was meted out in the Dover intelligent design case.
– Dead Man’s Curve on Interstate 83 was straightened out.
– Penn State York, York College and HACC showed noticeable growth.
– Valentine’s Day 2007 ice storm chilled York County, Central Pennsylvania.
Sovereign Bank Stadium was built as the home of York County’s first professional baseball team since 1969.
Harley-Davidson is losing half of its jobs, but the motorcycle-maker decided to stay put in Springettsbury Township.
– Twenty-five people with York County ties died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Teresa also in brief form about other notable events:

2000- William Babner assaulted a woman and her boyfriend and left them for dead in the Susquehanna River. They survived the attack.
2004: The Lincoln Highway Garage, a landmark on the old coast-to-coast highway was demolished.
2005: York YMCA celebrated its 150th anniversary.
2005: Venerable potterymaker Pfaltzgraff was sold.
2005: York International became Johnson Controls.
2007: A former Susquehannock Indians site was acquired by a preservation organization.
2009: A meteor that raced through the southcentral Pennsylvania sky attracted meteorite hunters.
2009: Voters decided for Tom Kearney over longtime D.A. Stan Rebert.
2009: York resident and state Revenue Secretary Stephen Stetler resigned before the Attorney General’s office charged him in the Bonusgate probe.

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