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This is one of hundreds of propaganda posters designed to raise morale and reinforce defense themes during World War II. This one caused a stir. (For more information, see link below.) Background posts: “Little Johnny” helped win the war, The bomb: ‘And yet it helped win the war’, and Katharine Beecher made candy in World War II.
People occasionally ask what people like on this journalism/history blog.
Well, we’ll let the people give their choices by sharing the top 10 visited posts in 2010.

Here goes:
1. World War II propaganda posters raised spirits, women’s wrath
2. For years, KKK has tried to navigate the York County mainstream
3. Check out this list of York County’s most notorious crimes in past
4. A list of traumatic, painful incidents that rocked York County
5. Articles of Confederation don’t get no respect – Part II
6. Navy SEAL Neil C. Roberts: ‘In this simple grave … lies a nation
7. York County, Pa., educator recounts machete attack on ‘I Survived.
8. Availability of microfilm an oft-posed question
9. Dover’s/Packers’ John Kuhn: ‘He is able to grasp things very quickly
10. Loretta Claiborne’s achievements bring spotlight her way
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