York Town Square

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These old York County steps: Where did they lead? Linked in to York County history, Nov. 4, 2012

More stuff below: Susquehanna River ferries/Fairfield Inn/Pennsylvania Garage

Recognize these steps? Some hints that might lead to their whereabout: Little Leaguers used to sit there and on picnic tables in the grassy area enjoying their ice cream and pump their arms when trucks rolled by. They often received a horn blast in return. These steps led to a building that was recently demolished. (See answer below.) Also of interest: 1 York/Adams history mystery solved; 1 to go and Check out this blog’s Quizzes and (fun) tests category.

Neat stuff from all over … .

Yorktownsquare.com reader Mike Beshore read a post about Markey family of the Dallastown area who drove a trucks with a large organ mounted on it.

They deployed it as an attraction at parades and other community events.

“We at C. J. Beshore Associates, made the fenders for Mr. Markey and his Mack truck with the organ on it,” he commented on the post. “He told us the truck was an ambulance during WW 1. The original fenders were too rusty to use. One had to be notched for the stearing column to pass through. Markey was a great guy, very personable and acted like a kid when that organ would play. I believe he found the organ in Germany and shipped it here. Can’t remember if it was restored in Germany or the US.”

Crossing the Susquehanna: – Yorkblogger June Lloyd counts up the ferries across the Susquehanna in the York Sunday News column: Ferry tales: How they used to cross the Susquehanna

Pennsylvania Garage: Some longtimers in the area remember the Pennsylvania Garage in York. Gordon Freireich writes about the now-demolished structure.

Building moves: The Fairfield Inn, the 1700s Adams County building that has welcomed many luminaries, has been sold at auction for $700,000.

Get your work published: You can get your photographs, from York County and beyond, before thousands of eyes. Check out out Your Photos.

Navaroli Nation: Longtime YDR sportswriter Steve Navaroli is suffering from throat cancer, and some of the athletes he’s covered for more than 20 years are raising funds for his family. They’ve become the Navaroli Nation.

Answer to the quiz above: The steps are what’s left to the original Mack’s Ice Cream in Spry, York Township. Right behind those steps, Mack’s original sold ice cream from a porch of the now-demolished house. Several Mack’s Ice Cream stands still operate in York County. Background: Mack’s is short for McDaniel’s, but in York County it means ice cream.