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Follow these links to learn more about civil rights pioneer Daisy Myers of York, Pa.

Daisy Myers, right, and  George Leader addressed a session of the 25th annual conference on Black History in Pennsylvania at York College in 2002. A York Daily Record editorial granted roses to the meeting of Myers and Leader: ‘To the York County Heritage Trust for bringing the 25th Annual Conference on Black History in Pennsylvania to York and turning it into an extraordinary event. Among the speakers were Debra Newman Ham, a York County native and now a professor; Daisy Myers, who faced a racial backlash in Levittown in the 1950s then moved to York County; and George Leader, a York County native and former governor of Pennsylvania who sent police to protect Mrs. Myers’ family in Bucks County.’ Also of interest: · A short test of your York County black history knowledge.

Civil rights pioneer Daisy Myers died this week. She was the first black resident of Levittown, Bucks County circa 1957. Her family weathered intense racial discrimination there.

These links/facts give information about this longtime York County resident:

Some called her this: York’s and Levittown’s Daisy Myers: Rosa Parks of the North.
She provided this counsel, a 2002 York Daily Record interview:  “A rose garden of all red roses is beautiful. But a rose garden of all colors is even more beautiful.”

Profiles in black heritage: See a short profile of Daisy Myers along with other achievers in York County’s black community.

In her own words, from her autobiography, ‘Sticks ‘n Stones’: Her thoughts upon touring her former Levittown house years later:  “As I toured the house, memories flooded back. I could see Lynda in her crib, the boys in their bunk bed, and the little dog running through the house. The visit brought sad memories to mind, too, but what happened to me and to my family prepared us for who we are now – strong human beings. Love is powerful, and the hug Mrs. Harris (the then-current resident) gave me was so helpful in making new, positive memories.”

Where to get her book (see below): Sticks ‘n Stones is available at the York County Heritage Trust‘s bookstore.

Also of interest:

· New book ‘Levittown’ tells about the Myers family’s quest to live the American dream – in York, Pa., too

· Future Yorker Daisy Myers’ harassment in Levittown part of NYT mag article

This is the short bio on the York County Heritage Trust website describing Daisy Myers’ autobiography: ‘Daisy Myers often referred to as the “Rosa Parks of the North,” grew up in Richmond, VA and now resides in York, PA. Her entire family moved to Levittown, PA in 1957 – the first African Americans to do so. In spite of enumerable hardships whereby hundreds of local citizens tried to force them out, Daisy and her family stood their ground on behalf of civil rights. A memoir of national significance, told by the lady who lived it.’ The 2005 Heritage Trust publication is 128 pages, softcover.