York Town Square

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These 8 scenes show current and past York, Pa., bad weather moments

walkstobreakfast_500Pax and other bad weather events bring inconvenience, property damage or worse. But they also offer memorable photographs, such as this scene this morning on the streets of York Pa. Count this as Storm Photo No. 1 Check out other visual moments and links to bad weather moments below: Big snows in York County: These 8 photographs show their impact.


2. The YDR’s Paul Kuehnel captured this tranquil scene earlier this week, a bit in contrast to the heavy snowfall coming down today. Paul tweeted: ‘@JamesMcClure someone tweeted me that it reminds them of a beach, which I didn’t see before they mentioned it but it does!’

link3. Paul’s photo made it to the National Weather Service’s Facebook page. Yes, even the NWS has FB page. Check out more short videos from the storm.


 4. We appreciate readers submitting images to Your Photos on YDR.com. Here, Jan Hollerbush captured Cedar Creek Farm near Davidsburg at sunset.


5. Paul Kuehnel went where most men won’t tread: A short video from Highpoint.

6. Storms gives us the opportunity to bring photos from storms gone by:

7. And to test readers with History Mysteries, although York Town Square readers should recognize this one: 

8. Of course, this snow promises to delay or inconvenience Valentine Day festivities. This candymaker was prepared.