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Then & Now: The Loganville house where Arthur Glatfelter Sr. worked

Arthur Glatfelter Sr.’s Loganville garage is seen in this undated photograph. Arthur Glatfelter Jr. – philanthropist Art Glatfelter who died recently – made money as a youngster draining the drops of motor oil from discarded containers in this garage. For a present-day photograph of the garage, now a private residence, see below. The Glatfelters were part of a close-knit Loganville community. Interestingly, a good part of community life revolved around the fire department. Art Glatfelter Jr. built his company offering insurance services to fire companies and other emergency providers.Also of interest: Art Glatfelter: Forever a hero and friend of York.

The YDR’s Brandie Kessler’s tour of Art Glatfelter’s father’s old automotive garage in Loganville brought forth some interesting insights.

For one, it shows that you never know the intriguing histories of old buildings that you might drive by every days. Even former garages. Loganville has another such house.

Nearby, a house in which a young doctor used oxygen to treat pneumonia – an early such use – sits nearby. (Visit: Loganville house, site of big pneumonia case, should be preserved.)

Also, even old garages can be turned attractive,comfortable residences. In a day when old buildings are coming down, this Loganville building remains in use. And the owner understands its value, according to Brandie’s story.

The old garage no doubt was important to motorists on the Susquehanna Trail in its day. When traveling in the often-unreliable vehicles of the day, such garages were valued by motorists.

Today, travelers use Interstate 83, and the day of local garages catering to non-local traffic has passed.

For now, as motorists travel through Loganville, they can glance over at the garage-turned-house and understand a bit more that this is a piece of history.

Jeani Kiser, seen in her Loganville home, the former garage owned by Art Glatfelter’s father.  She has left old receipts and other pieces of paperwork from the business pasted on the wall. 

Also of interest:

A commemoration for Art Glatfelter is set for 2 to 5 p.m. on May 19 at the York Expo Center’s Toyota Arena. For details, see Glatfelter commemoration.


Art Glatfelter’s father’s old garage,  today a private residence.


Edited, 4/27/13