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The story of Evergreen Cemetery, with its distinctive Gettysburg gatehouse, set to music

With all the well-deserved attention on Dedication Day observances at Soldiers National Cemetery in Gettysburg, it’s a due step to explore the nearby Evergreen cemetery as well. An Evening Sun story notes that people known to us from the Civil War era are buried there. ‘That list includes notable historic figures like Elizabeth Thorn who, while six months pregnant, buried 91 soldiers in the weeks following the Battle of Gettysburg; Jennie Wade, the only civilian killed in the battle; and John Burns, the only Gettysburg civilian to fight in the battle,’ the Hanover, Pa., newspaper reported. ‘Sam Cobean, a famous cartoonist known for his work in the New Yorker, Pittsburgh Steelers lineman Steve Corson, Hall of Fame baseball player Eddie Plank and poet Maryann Moore are among the buried.’ Of course, Evergreen is known because of its distinctive gatehouse seen in so many Gettysburg photos and for loaning its name to Cemetery Ridge and hill. And now it’s known for a soundtrack ‘Beyond the Gatehouse,’ which tells the cemetery’s story. The project’s mastermind is Brian Kennell, superintendent of Evergreen, seen here. So, Civil War students and visitors can now not only see the gatehouse, but also hear about it. Details: Beyondthegatehouse.com. Also of interest: Gettysburg Dedication Day 150: 6 best story, photo and video links.

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Dr. Leroy Hopkins from Millersville University provided these interesting insights after reading a York Town Square post on York’s Lebanon Cemetery, which is loaded with black history:

‘Very interesting. My parents’ families have deep roots in York County. My mother’s great grandfather was John Peaco who moved to York’s Peach Bottom ca. 1857 from Harford County where his father, Cupid Paca (also Peaco and Peaker) was a respected stonemason, shoemaker, and land speculator. A piece of his property near Darlington is on the National Park Service’s list ‘Road to Freedom.’ He and his family were involved in the Underground Railroad. I would love to know more about Black residents in the Southern End. My great-grandmother Elizabeth McCall Peaco is buried near Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church in that area.

If you have information to share with Dr. Hopkins, please contact him at Millersville.

As it happened: Check out coverage of Saturday’s Gettysburg 150 Remembrance Day observances and this gallery of photos from the day.

Patton’s soldier: Wally Clarke is author of ‘George S. Patton’s Typical Soldier.’ He emailed to note that the book is available at his publisher’s website.

Lincoln-Woods-MenuRemember when? When presidential candidate John F. Kennedy visited #Yorkpa in 1960, he ate lunch at the Lincoln Woods Inn. The eatery’s menu, pricey in its day, from that year is below. Do you have memories of having an evening out at Lincoln Woods or its successors? (Lincoln Wood details here: http://bit.ly/M3qJph).

Three years later: York Sunday News columnist Gordon Freireich writes about the day that JFK died: ‘The day that we realized we were mortal.’