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The showdown in Vulture Gulch and other stories about Glen Rock, Pa.


A Glen Rock resident captured these vultures with his camera from his back deck. A camera is about the only way to capture these dirty birds, a protected species. (Click on this image to enlarge. Other photos below.) Also of interest: Check out these stories and photographs about the southern York County town of Glen Rock’s penchant for making the news.

I’ve written before about the hills and valleys and people of Glen Rock often elevate the borough into the news.


– Celebrities come from there: Parade March King Roland F. Seitz.

– Seitz’s former band hall is now an operating movie theater, The Glen, York County’s last outside of the City of York.

– The borough’s position along the Northern Central Railway and its successors made it third among York County towns as an industrial center, at one point. And of course that railway carried numerous U.S. presidents through the borough. That included Abraham Lincoln as he moved to and from Gettysburg. Lincoln’s funeral train passed through there.

– That railroad now serves as the  main artery of York County’s rail trail system. The trail means bikers and hikers are often seen moving through the town.

– The original mid-1850s mill that gave Glen Rock its start is now a fine dining restaurant – the Glen Rock Mill Inn.

– The borough was home of a World War II Civilian Conservation Corps camp.

– The Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society has recently opened a museum to capture these moments.

And we haven’t yet mentioned the quaint Glen Rock Carol Singers, who take to the streets every Christmas morning.

And the list goes on.

So it came as little surprise that if vultures had to pick any York County town to roost, it was Glen Rock.

These vultures, maybe 500 strong, must have read about Glen Rock on this blog or in the newspaper.

Anyway, they’ve settled in and Glen Rock residents are doing their best to unsettle them.

The messy birds have introduced another feature of Glen Rock.

Those picturesque hills that define Glen Rock’s glen?

They contribute to thermal winds that allow the vultures to float with little energy, borough officials say.

So check out a York Daily Record/Sunday News story about this most recent news event coming from Glen Rock.

And if you want more, read all about: The showdown in Vulture Gulch.

One can safely say that the beautifully named Glen Rock stands little chance of changing its name to Vulture Gulch.

Roy Cubbler of Glen Rock, who submitted these photos of vultures in his neighborhood, displays the pyrotechnic pistol he uses to harass the birds.

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Some vultures have left Glen Rock since residents’ campaign to scare them away.