York Town Square

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The forgotten fifth York market house

A former York market house is hidden in plain view.
Dreamwrights, a local theater group, is quite correctly touting rehab plans for their large brick playhouse on Carlisle Avenue.
For years, I’ve wondered about the original use of that beautiful building… .

My research has shown that it was the original Carlisle Avenue Market — a covered markethouse serving West End residents. It formed kind of a bookend to the Eastern Market built in the 1880s to serve the East End. Three other market houses served the rest of the town — the Penn Street Farmers Market, the now-demolished, ornate City Market that stood beside the current Voni B. Grimes Gym and the Central Market, so-named because it served the center of town.
These market houses replaced open-air market sheds popular in York since almost its earliest years.
When I presented information on the Carlisle Avenue Market to senior groups, no one could remember use of the Colebrook-Terry building, as it is sometimes called, for that purpose. This has long puzzled me.
I recently queried Historic York about the building, just to get another opinion.
Architectural historian Barb Raid helpfully pointed to historian George Prowell’s description:
“Carlisle Avenue Market and Storage Company was organized in 1902, and the
same year the company erected a large and commodious brick market house on
Carlisle Avenue, near the railroad. Markets are regularly held here on
Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.”
The Western Market, as it was sometimes called, may have not been used for that purpose for long. Barb Raid examined maps that show it was used as a sugar warehouse and furniture storage maybe as soon as the late 1920s or early 1930s.
Its proximity to a railroad siding might have given the building value for other uses that some of the other market houses didn’t have.
Historic York doesn’t have a file on the building, which indicates its low profile over the years. But when you look at the building, it indeed looks like a market house.
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