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Civil War comes to Hellam, Wrightsville, Lower Windsor – Linked in to York County history, 4/10/13

Cannonball Charlies/Glen Rock stories/Mystery photo quiz
Civil War 150th is bringing opportunities to inform youngsters about the War Between the States. This is the cover of a coloring book produced by three local historical groups explaining the war in York County. (See one of the coloring pages below.) The map featured here is the much-used Shearer and Lake map of 1860. Also of interest: Check out this list of York County, Pa.’s 10 most memorable Civil War moments.

It’s always good to hear from Betsy Shaw, who always has something interesting history-wise to pass on.

“I’d like to share a few snippets of local history… ,” she wrote in an email.

She flagged a coloring book project sponsored by the Kreutz Creek Valley Preservation Society, Historic Wrightsville Inc., and the Lower Windsor Area Historical Society.

Local artists drew all the illustrations and depict York County scenes and events in the book titled: “Civil War Comes to: Hellam, Wrightsville, Lower Windsor.”

The coloring books retail at $5 and are available at 755-3777, 252-2210, and 246-8735.

In York County, we take our history seriously. When you have someone with a long association with Harvard  – Betsy Shaw – urging that we get out word to teach youngsters, that points to the vibrancy of the local historical community.


This page of the coloring book tells about an event – the dedication of a marker – that took place last weekend: Confederate soldier’s grave in Hellam Township marked again.

Neat stuff from all over… .

Cannonball Charlie: There’s a new blog in town – from the gunner who fires the cannon after each York Revolution home run. Jason Kreiger, aka Cannonball Charlie, is blogging at, yes, the Cannonball Charlie blog. I noticed in looking up info about Jason Kreiger that one of his claims to fame is that a bobblehead doll has been made with his likeness.

Flattering collection: The Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society is collecting various yorktownsquare.com posts on that interesting southern York County town. Check out those Glen Rock stories and photos – as well as the rest of the site.

Mystery photo quiz: Notice this familiar old structure in this yorktownsquare.com post that seems to be sinking into the ground around the 1600 block of South George Street near York. Thoughts about what it was used for? (Check out what some readers think at the bottom of the post.)

Old and news news: News about the end of the Sears portrait centers hasn’t been as big of a deal as the final days of the catalog about 20 years ago. York countians had a special relationship with the Sears catalog both in the house and in the outhouse.