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How did York County’s Taxville get its name, and who would want to go to a place so named?

A York County, Pa., scene
West Manchester’s Taxville Road separates agricultural land from homes and businesses in this 1998 photo from the York Daily Record/Sunday News. The crossroads hamlet of Taxville rests at the intersection of Baker and Taxville Roads. Also of interest: A West Manchester village center that up and moved and West Manchester Highland Park School notable, but Dogtown School would have been cool and York County’s BAE links BMY and Bofors and battered vehicles in Bair.
Taxville was in the news this week because its unofficial mayor and first lady were profiled in the York Daily Record/Sunday News (5/23/10).
More about them in a second, after we explain how Taxville received its not-all-that-desirable name.
Or rather, how the respected “A History of West Manchester Township, York County, Pennsylvania” says that name came about… .

Tradition says that Taxville received its name because of the penchant for local tax collectors to gather there for people to come to pay their taxes
At one time, the crossroads was home to a one-room schoolhouse (Eyster’s), a post office located in a general store, a blacksmith shop and several residences and farms. At one time, a funeral home operated from one of the residences.
Now, all that’s in Taxville is Cable’s Garage and residences, including several McMansions.
Cable’s Garage is home of the mayor and first lady, Frank and Judy Cable, and answers the question: Who would want to go to Taxville?
Many, of course, pass through the busy intersection. Motorists in that sector of the county can’t avoid Taxville. And they must be careful at the busy Baker/Taxville intersection to avoid death.
Frank Cable told Paul Kuehnel, whose photography and reporting brough the mayor’s story even greater view, that he can remember when a dozen cars moved through that intersection. Today, “It’s nothing to have 300 go by.”
But some stop at Cable’s Garage for small engine repair.
And about this mayor’s business?
A sign hangs in plain sight near the garage’s bay.
“Entering Taxville – Pop. 20 – Frank Cable – Mayor.
“Mayor is a running joke,” Frank Cable said.

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