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Sunday big day for history in Glen Rock, Pa.


This plaque will be dedicated Sunday, Oct. 5, at the Glen Rock Fire Company. The dedication will be part of a day of activities in this historic southern York County borough. Also of interest: Good night in Glen Rock: Dinner and a movie and the American Dream.


Southern York County’s Glen Rock has a lot of history and does a lot to make it known.

Indeed, its program of placing plaques on historic buildings around this walkable town is more consistent and better done than any other town in York County.




So another plaque is going up on Sunday, as part of many activities around this town, a longtime rail and industrial center that rivaled Red Lion as the No. 3 in that respect in York County for decades. York City and Hanover Borough historically have been the leading industrial centers in the county.

In recent years, Glen Rock has benefited from the rebirth of its rail line as a rail trail, which also hosts Steam into History’s excursion service.

So in many ways, the borough reflects the transition from industrial to service and recreation that is going on in other corners of York County.

Led by the Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society, the borough is effectively working to get its history before those taking advantage of this service economy.

Thus, there’s an afternoon of history and memories on Sunday.



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