York Town Square

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Pa. orchards, vintage car, driver with pipe: Surely, this is York/Adams at its best

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A man drives past rows of flowering trees near Orrtanna on May 6, 2015. Clare Becker - The Evening SunThere’s something about this photo by Clare Becker of the Evening Sun in Hanover that makes you pause to take it all in. And then pause to take in more. Maybe it’s the photo’s Rockwellian nature. Or the flowering trees in Ortanna, Adams County. Or the vintage car. Maybe it’s the man. Or his pipe. Surely, this is York/Adams at its best. For more ‘Signs of Summer’ pictures from Clare Becker, check out this Evening Sun photo gallery. Also of interest: 10 more photos in this York/Adams at its best photo series.

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‘Byron has been a thought leader around here & beyond for years. Glad his insights are being shared in this way!’ I wrote in a Tweet about Hearts & Minds’ bookstore owner Byron Borger recently. The Dallastown resident edited and included his own speech in ‘Serious Dreams: Bold Ideas for the Rest of Your Life.’ The book is a collection of graduation addresses from Christian colleges. More at the Books Buzz blog and Hearts & Minds’ website.


Respected York County businessman John Klinedinst responded to a recent post on my Facebook page giving my view of crime in York, Pa. He holds the same opinion:

‘Thanks for an objective look at crime in York. I likewise have no concerns walking around downtown, obviously being aware of where I am and avoiding late hours in bad areas. Crime in York is like crime anywhere; it exists. Can something happen? Sure, just like getting hit by lightning. You will never convince the haters, but those of us who believe the benefits of our increasingly vibrant downtown outweigh the minimal risk will continue to enjoy and improve the experience. And a vibrant downtown improves the entire county.’

Cliff Satterthwaite referred to the ‘purpled sky’ in his 1973 drawing of this house in Columbia, Lancaster County. More of Cliff’s work at: Satterthwaite.









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Posted by York Daily Record/Sunday News on Sunday, May 24, 2015