York Town Square

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Opposing political pairings could help raise funds in York

The ode to former governor George M. Leader banquet Monday night raised $64,000 to start a foundation to educate county students on local history.
A good lesson emerged… .

Some group in York County should consider a second round of fundraising, again promoting bi-partisan honorees. The banquet worked, in part, because former governor Tom Ridge spoke, too.
It was hard to resist seeing two governors — from both sides of the aisle — in the same room.
In the future, perhaps other prominent politicos could be coupled.
How about Democrat State Rep. Steve Stetler and former Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Goodling? Or former Democratic State Rep. Jane Alexander and GOP U.S. Rep. Todd Platts?
These strange pairings would connect folks who may not ordinarily socialize.
And it would strike a sweet note of civility — and raise much-needed funds.
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