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With Main Street in Stewartstown covered, historical group compiling photos of side streets

The Stewartstown Historical Society is looking for photos of side streets in the southeastern York County, Pa., borough. This is a rare shot of such street, showing the intersection of present-day Route 851 and West Pennsylvania Avenue in Stewartstown. This photo came from the estate of John Denney of Columbia. Also of interest: ‘Yesteryears’ Stewartstown-area York County sites – Part I, ‘Yesteryears’ – Part II and German POWs: ‘They worked cheaper than We did’.
The Stewartstown Historical Society is working on a new photo book, similar to the the ‘Yesteryears’ books it published a few years back.
The group is getting lots of photos but not many showing Stewartstown’s side streets.
Early photographer Oram Bell took many shots of Main Street, but if he moved with his camera off the main drag, none of his work is known to exist.
Society member Doug Winemiller provided this information and photograph and went on to explain a rare photo of one side street, pictured above… .

“The date is 1910, before the current RR station and sewing factory (Fypon) were built – the structure behind the engine house was a mill. This mill was demolished several years ago, and Rutters is currently building a station on that site. This picture answered several questions about the intersection, and the location of the engine house (it proves that the engine house was moved to its present location). It also shows telephone lines, which may have belonged to the RR, and a house between two of the poles, center right, which we have yet to positively identify. This photograph also helped us to identify two other photographs in our collection.”

This is just the type of photo the society is seeking out for inclusion in its book.
The book will also cover the Hopewell townships and Fawn Township, particularly one-room schools in those rural areas.
The historical society can be contacted by visiting its Web site.
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