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Stamp collecting becoming a hobby mostly for York County’s philatelic-loving gray heads

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York countians are collectors. Sleds, antique toys. Stamps. All kinds of stuff. So with the increase of the cost of stamps today to 49 cents a piece, that hike is going to hurt the stamp collecting hobby. A YDR.com story says young people aren’t picking up the hobby. Too expensive. “How many people do you see here that don’t have gray hair,” a stamp enthusiast told the YDR at Saturday’s White Rose Philatelic Society of York, Pa., stamp show at the York Expo Center.Art Two of York County’s best-known stamps are shown here, the Four Chaplains and Articles of Confederation. Notice the escalation in prices from the post-World War period to the 1970s.  Also of interest: Glatfelter paper puts its postmark on making paper for stamps.

Neat stuff from all over … .

The Glen Theatre in Glen Rock was built as a band hall. But it showed movies from its earliest days, its primary use today.

This from Glen Rock’s John “Otts” Hufnagel, from a history moment at a recent Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society meeting:

“The first moving picture show in the new auditorium of the Glen Rock Musical Association was held Tuesday evening. There was good attendance. Picture shows will be held now every Tuesday and Saturday evening. The admission to these shows will be five cents. Orchestra music will be furnished for the shows. The doors of the auditorium will open at 7:15 on the evening of these shows. (Glen Rock Item 12/5/1913)

“The largest crowd of people to attend a moving picture show in the local auditorium in the history of the town was present on Friday evening when pictures were shown of the children of the town, they having been taken some time ago. Many children saw themselves in stationary pictures and the barber shop of W. G. Geiman, the Glen Rock Garage and the meat store of J. Allen Bailey and the schools of this place, Seitzland and Seven Valleys were also shown.” (Gazette & Daily 3/7/1921)

Catching up in Stewartstown: This York Daily Record/Sunday News stories brings readers up to date on how the former Stewartstown Railroad shortline  is progressing as a southeastern York County excursion line.
Fire in Wrightsville: Yorkblogger Scott Mingus continues to add to the record about Civil War history in York County. His most recent Cannonball post gives an eyewitness account from a Confederate about the burning of the bridge in Wrightsville in late-June 1863.