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York New Salem church searching for mystery artist of two colorful paintings

In rural York County, Pa.

This image has long greeted congregants at St. Jacob’s United Church of Christ in York New Salem. Those working on a church anniversary of searching for the painter of this work and sister piece (see below.) Also of interest: People of varying religious groups founded York County and York County research topic: 18th-century helicopter could have aided pastor and
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Scott Becker is the historian at York New Salem’s St. Jacob’s United Church of Christ.
He’s on the hunt for information on the church’s building, in preparation for 150th anniversary activities this year.
Particularly, he’s looking for info on two paintings in the church’s sanctuary:
Here is his excerpted e-mail:

One of the unknown painter’s images in the sanctuary of St. Jacob’s.

Our church was renovated in 1919 and sometime shortly after that, we believe in the 1920s, two paintings were mounted to the front wall of the sanctuary (unfortunately there is no name on either painting).
We have heard several stories of who may have painted them – but have not been able to get any kind of concrete information. One story is of a painter traveling through the area, another is of a painter named Bosshart (who may have been Albert Bosshart), and the third story is that John Roth of Roth Brothers in York painted them. I have also heard that at least one other church in the area has similar paintings, possibly done by the same artist(s).
The paintings have been a part of our churches heritage for many years, and we would like to find what information we can.

I suggested he contact Charles Glatfelter, retired Gettysburg College prof. He is an expert on church history around here. He’s in the phone book.
Albert Bosshart certainly was a noted artist around here.
I further urged him to check out information on traveling painter Guy Stambaugh, who did numerous paintings in regional churches.
If anyone has information to impart, please contact Scott Becker or comment below.