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York Township’s long-closed Springwood Park spawns memories, Part II

This photo, from ‘York Township, 1753-2003,’ shows the Springwood Park pool from a different angle from that shown in another post in this series. The York Township, Pa., park has been closed for more than 50 years, and little of the park remains. That’s Springwood Road running next to the pool. (See additional photo below.) Also of interest: York Town Square commenter asks about much-remembered Springwood Pool’s ownership and Where was the site of Camp Betty Washington, along the road so named? and So, can you find long-gone Springwood Park in this photograph?

York Town Square readers continue to visit the series of posts on the old Springwood Park and pool in York Township in great numbers.

So, to bring various pieces of the park and pool’s story together, enjoy this Q & A.:

A postcard view of Springwood Picnic Station, as shown in the book ‘York Township, 1753-2003.’
Q. How did the old Springwood Picnic Station and Springwood Park relate?
A. The book “York Township, 1753-2003” places the picnic station between the Relay and Ore Valley stations on the Ma & Pa Railroad, near the junction of Chapel Church and Springwood Roads. That’s the approximate location of Springwood Park, which operated from the 1920s to 1954, although it’s not known if its the exact site. One e-mailer wrote that the picnic station appeared on maps as early as 1876. Here’s what the York Township book says about the park: “An 1886 postcard shows a lovely lattice pavilion positioned on the curve of the railroad… . Mr. Carl Snyder II, a local resident, noted that there are steps remaining in he area that indicate ascent routes to the park and believes that the park had a ball field on a flat area of his land.”
Q. Was Springwood Park an electric park?
A. Electric parks typically were built by trolley or rail companies to spur ridership during off-peak hours. Brookside, Highland and Cold Springs parks in York County fit that definition. The Ma & Pa Railroad ran beside Springwood Park and provided users and swimmers. In fact, the rail line ran a spur to Dallastown and residents could ride the train to the park. But the park operated independently of the railroad.
Q. Were the Camp Betty Washington and Springwood pools the same?
A. No the camp’s pool was along its namesake road, not far from Mount Rose Avenue. (For precise location, click here).
Q. What is left of Springwood Park?
A. The former parkland is overgrown and the pool apparently filled in. It is marked with “no trespassing” signs.