York Town Square

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So, can you find long-gone Springwood Park in this photograph?

This aerial view from 1937 gives a view of York Township’s Ore Valley. Springwood Park is seen in the left, center part of the photograph. See description below to locate it. Background: York Township’s Springwood Park dance hall: ‘We would pack the place’ and York Town Square commenter asks about much-remembered Springwood Pool’s ownership and Springwood Pool and its sloping sides: ‘I remember so well how cold it was’.
This is a post designed to be fun.
You can’t see much of Springwood Park, an old recreational site off Springwood Road in York Township. But it’s fun to look try to locate it:
– Locate that cluster of houses at 6 o’clock, just at the edge of the photo. That’s Yoe.
– Follow the road, Springwood Road, running to about 9 o’clock out of Yoe until you come to an angled intersection. That’s Chapel Church Road connecting Springwood and Cape Horn. (Still does.)
– Now backtrack just a short distance along Springwood toward Yoe until you see a bulge in the road. That’s Springwood Park with the pool on one side and the dance hall on the other… .

This same scene today would look vastly different.
The construction of Interstate 83, which runs today left to right outside the top edge of the photo, made this Ore Valley section of York Township handy for commuters. Large subdivisions dot the landscape today and what is the now Springwood golf course is being eyed for development.
Thanks to Joe Stein for finding this photograph, courtesy of Penn Pilot. For instructions on how to locate Penn Pilot aerial views of York County from that period, click on Map aficionados will love bird’s-eye view of York County.