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Spring Valley Peacock Farm, Part III: A telling, troubling story about York County

Old Gettysburg Cyclorama building also pulled down. (Video below)

This photograph of the farmhouse for the Spring Valley Peacock Farm, demolished recently, is one of several courtesy of the Springettsbury Township Historic Preservation Committee. Also of interest: Spring Valley Peacock Farm, Part I and Spring Valley Peacock Farm, Part II

The demolition of the old Peacock Farm house, so visible for decades along Interstate 83, has caused a buzz in the York County preservation community.

With the Gettysburg Cyclorama  building demolition (see below) and the planned demise of the old Avalong Dairy Barn added in (among others), this has not been a fine moment for historic preservation in the region.

Something I’ve wondered in all this. What does go through the heads of the heavy equipment operators who are directed to pull down such buildings.

Surely, the assignment must tug at them. Surely, it’s not just another job.

In the end, they’re doing as they are directed so no blame intended to them. But it must not be a coveted assignment.

Some perspective on the need to protect and preserve our old buildings: York County treasures: ‘So, why care about old – or historic – homes?’

Here are photos of the inside of the the Peacock Farm building, plus one photograph from the rear, documented eight years ago by Springettsbury Township Historic Preservation Committee:

Catching up

On the topic of another recent high profile demolition project, check out these photos and a short video of the Gettysburg Cyclorama building coming down, courtesy of the Hanover Evening Sun: The death of the old Cyclorama building.

A longer Hanover Evening Sun video, and another story on the demise of the old Cyclorama: Mood festive, nostalgic as the old Gettysburg Cyclorama comes down.